DEMCON - This is demolition, concrete cutting, grinding and recycling

24 - 25 November, 2022 InfraCity, Stockholm, Sweden

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A Show Worth Waiting For

Most people working within the European demolition industry during the 1990s will probably remember the Nordic demolition show, held in InfraCity, Bredden, north of Stockholm in 1998 and 2000 and organised by the publishing company S.C.O.P. AB. With its small format and focus purely on demolition, concrete cutting and recycling professionals, it was a big hit for both exhibitors and visitors. It was the ideal venue for professionals to meet and exchange ideas. The quality of the audience was extremely high and a lot of business was done during the show.

DEMCON just the same
S.C.O.P. AB launched in September, 2010 a new show in the same spirit as its forerunner. The show and its location was the same and turned out to be a great success when it was organised. DEMCON, as it is called took place at the business and exhibition centre InfraCity, located in the Stockholm suburb of Bredden between the city centre and Arlanda International Airport. Next DEMCON show will take place on November 24-25, 2022 and will focus on demolition, concrete sawing and drilling, concrete floor preparation and polishing, hydrodemolition, clean air, remediation and recycling.

“What we mainly do is produce construction related magazines, including the well-known magazine Professional Demolition International. When we organised the show in 1998 and 2000 we really had fun and it was an instant success. Many in the demolition, recycling and concrete sawing industries have since asked when we are going to organise a similar show again. So in response to industry demand we launched DEMCON in 2010. It turned out very successful with the same spirit as the forerunner in the 1990s. I am really looking forward to the show again in 2022,” says S.C.O.P. AB President Jan Hermansson.

This is a time where the whole world has become the market for many suppliers to the demolition, concrete cutting and recycling industries. That is why DEMCON is aiming to become an international show, just as much as a regional one for the northern markets of Europe. DEMCON aims to attract manufacturers and contractors from the following sectors:

  • All forms of demolition and demolition equipment, such as remotely controlled demolition robots, excavators designed for demolition purposes using long reach demolition booms, booms for heavy duty demolition, implosion techniques and equipment, special dismantling equipment like wire saws for complex demolition tasks and hydrodemolition equipment.
  • Various attachments and tools for demolition, recycling, sorting, handling and crushing, like hydraulic breakers, crushers, pulverisers, sorting grabs, milling heads, crushing buckets and steel shears. Concrete sawing and drilling equipment for drilling, wall sawing, wire sawing, chain and plunge sawing and power cutting.
  • Diamond tools for professional concrete sawing and drilling, scarifying, milling, grinding and polishing.
  • New technologies and methods behind demolition, concrete cutting, recycling and concrete floor preparation, grinding and polishing.
  • Professional equipment for taking care of dust and slurry on the worksite both indoors and outdoors as well as cleaning the air.
  • Machines and equipment for recycling different types of demolition waste using mobile recycling crushers, mobile screeners, crushing buckets, steel shears and shredders.
  • The show also covers all types of equipment related to the above product sectors.


For the 2022 edition book your booth and register at
The exhibition hall at InfraCity has an indoor area covering 3500 sqm and 5000 sqm outside. In the outdoor area exhibitors will be able to demonstrate machines and visitors to test them.

For more information about DEMCON or to book space at the show, please contact the organiser or visit the website Booking a booth can be made on-line at the website.

Welcome to Sweden and DEMCON 2022

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